Monday, February 13, 2012

‘The Killers’, a film inspired by both the Ealing comedies and the American noir films of the 1950s, is a story about two amateur and inept hitmen first staking out their unknown victim then attempting to carry out the murder. Things do not go to plan. It contains all the elements of a classic noir story - crime, betrayal, greed, jealousy and double crosses but all served up from a uniquely British perspective with a fresh, modern and comic twist.

‘The Killers’ was written and directed by award winning British filmmaker Carlo Ortu and produced by the BIFA nominated Andrea Farrena and stars Matthew Jure and Ian Attfield who play hitmen Mike and Sean. The film also stars Anna Acton and Colin Holt.

Combined with strong, handheld black and white compositions and uncompromising long takes the viewer finds themselves drawn into the story and characters as the film very often seems to unfold in real time as the tension and suspense slowly increases and events come to a bloody and comical climax. What sets the film apart is its deliberately understated style that draws inspiration from filmmakers such as Shane Meadows, Cristian Mungui, Abbas Kiarostami and Michel Gondry.

‘The Killers’ is a deceptively simple, entertaining and gripping film with a confident feel for its genre, budget and style.

"The Killers is a fantastic film made for no money that blends incredibly witty dialogue with incredible heart. You feel for the hapless wannabe assassins, getting an insight into their loneliness through each other. The writer/director's on point perspective of what being alone can drive human beings to is only outclassed by the performances he pulled from the cast." - Noel Clarke (Adulthood, Doghouse, BAFTA Orange Newcomer Winner)

"The Killers is a real find. An intelligent and witty script that is excellently played by an all strong cast. The darkly humorous narrative accompanied by Hitchcockian music is entertaining and compelling. Ian Attfield and Matthew Jure's performances as the unlikely hitmen make for an hilarious comedy duo. Jure's portrayal of the hapless Mike is simply brilliant. He is an extraordinary comic talent. A great film brimming with talent and flair. Highly recommended. *****" - IndieMoviesOnline Review

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